It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Taking a moment to smell the flowers in Finland...

Tuija K. a postcard swapper from Finland has sent us 3 nature inspired postcards! She writes: Thank you very much for your lovely postcards you sent. I have sent your three cards from Finland and I hope you like them (we love them thank you). Do you swap anything else ( no at the moment we only can budget for postcards)? I swap cards, tea, stickers, magnets, and more little things. My name is Tuija and we have three cats and 9 rabbits. I hope you have a lovely day and write me so we can swap again. All the best, Tuija.

Card #1 at the top is done by Finland's Famous painter Martha Wendelin. Postcard #2 bottom left is Finland in winter. Postcard #3 bottom right is a photo of Roses from Tuija K's yard!

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