It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

LemurKat Chimera Creator

This is a remarkable array of postcards from our friend Angela O. in New Zealand. Angela O. writes: I am Angela O., also known as "LemurKat" (or "Kat" for short). I love to draw and draw almost everyday. My favorites are animals, especially birds because they are colorful, but I also like to try new challenges. I have been sending my art all over the world for almost ten years now and have made thoousands of pictures for others to enjoy. I hope you like these ones! (We sure do love them all but I must say the highlight for us is the Weka with the Ipod in its mouth as it runs away.)
Speaking of this picture Angela O. has written: The Weka is a very naughty bird! She cannot fly but can run quite fast and can swim. If taken far from home, she has been known to make her way back again. She will eat almost anything- grubs, fruit, even baby birds, eggs, mice or garbage. But most of all, she loves shiny things and likes to steal them. So watch out if your camping in the New Zealand forest and keep your doors closed tight!

The Third postcard with a map of New Zealand reads: This is my home country, New Zealand. It is also called "Aotearoa" which means "land of the long white cloud"because of the clouds that cling to the mountains along the central south island. Pictured here is a: Buzzy Bee- wooden pull-along toy for children. Maori Pa, Bone Hook necklace and tiki - all various symbols of our native culture. Tuatara, Kiwi, Cabbage tree and Kina - examples of our fauna and Hora. Pavlova - delicious dessert Chocolate fish - yummy! Silver Fern and NZ flag. Beehive - our parliament buildings. (Wow this is the kind of thing that makes this project so amazing because we can learn so much from one postcard and you sent us six!)

The 4th postcard is of the Kiwi and it reads: The Kiwi is a very special bird. He cannot fly, but has strong legs. Using his long bill he sniffs for tasty grubs to gobble up. His nostrils are on the tip of his beak and he has to snuffle to keep them clear of dirt. (Cute sounds like our Dorkie, Sandi) He comes out at night and has whiskers like a cat. (Wow we didn't know that.) Postcards facts: A little spotted kiwi (Apteryx owenii) in its native habitat. Seldom seen in the daylight, it forages for its food at night in the dense forest.

The 5th postcard reads: The Maori people were here when the Europeans arrived.Often at sports events when our country is playing . The team will perform a  Haka, a war dance. The words go: "Ka mate, ka mate! Ka Ora, Ka Ora! (then repeat)
Tenei te tangata puhuruhuru
Nana nei i hiki mai whakawhiti te ra
A Upane! Ka Upane! (repeat)
Whiti te ra!
"Tis death, tis death! Tis life, tis life!
This is the Hairy Man who brought the sun and caused it to shine,
a step upward , a step upward
The sun shines!
Postcard facts: The modern Maori thrills visitors with the spectacular dances and delightful folk songs of his people.

The 6th postcard reads: This is my city - it is called Christchurch. It is very flat and very much like an English city - we even have a tram! Only around 400,000 people live here. It was once swamp forest, but the early settlers chopped down all the trees and built their city in the 1800's. The postcard shows Cathedral and Chalice in Square, Tramcars, Worcester Street, and Punting on the Avon River.

Many thanks you have inspired us to learn more about New Zealand and the facts and photos you have provided us Angela O. are beyond words we thank you so much!

Hugs from my daughter and I ;-)
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