It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

La isla se Ischia (The Island of Ischia, Italy)

This postcard is yet another spectacular view from our friend Robbie in Italy. Thanks to you and a few others we have grown even more fond of Italy! The postcard reads: Buongiorno, greetings from the island of Ischia. This card shows the beautiful beach of San Montano, situated between two villages of the island: Lacco Ameno and Forio.

Ischia is one of the most famous seas and touristic spa centers of Italy and the World. The island doesn't have at all the typical appearance of a large arid rock in the middle of the Thyrrenian Sea. Its landscape is varied, including mountains, isolated hills, majestic promontories, slopes, plains and brows of hills. The ancients called Ischia, Pitecusae, Aenaria, Inarime, Arime and Iscla. Best wishes from Italy, Robbie

Many thanks again Robbie for sending us another beautiful postcard with so many facts and drawing we love them!
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