It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Surrey (England)

Andy a facebook friend of ours writes: Hi, this is a map of where I live near Burstow, can you find it? Can you also see Hampton Court? Which famous English Kings & Queens lived there? Can you also find the cage in Lingfield, I wonder what that was used for? Have fun finding answers Andy in England

1. Yes we found it just above Surrey on the bottom right.
2. Yes, top center right near Richmond Park.
4. Yes,

Villacidro (Sadinia, Italy)

Alida from Sardina writes on this fantastic Italian postcard: Greetings from Sardina, All I see is nature here. Hugs and Love! Evolve your mind. - Alida


A fellow postcrosser named Jon sends us a nice postcard from California (our very first from Cali). He writes: Greetings! First off great name, my best friend has the same one. This postcard has some poppies (state flower) and lupine. Both are among the wide variety of plants that grow here in the wild. Hiking in the spring is made much more pleasant with all of the wildflowers. Hope this finds you both well. Best, Jon


This incredible postcard is sent to us by Lucy St. E. She writes: Hey I think I owe you another postcard! The Salt in the lake is so high you float in the water you can not sink! Also this place Saltair  is creepy, locals say its cursed its been burned twice and sank 3 times. Hope you both like it. ღ Lucy St. E.

Postcard facts: Saltair Resort on the Great Salt Lake -Salt Lake City, Utah
The third rendition at the original Saltair was built on the south shore of the Great Salt Lake in 1983. The Moorish-designed pavilion houses a day-time resort, concert hall and several small shops and concessions.

CELJE (Slovenija)

Two postcards from Tash in Slovenia. The postcards read Hi, Celje is the biggest city near me. It is a nice historical place but quite small. Ti's known for its cattle, rivers, and churches. - Tash

The second postcard reads: Hello, Slovenia is in central Europe touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean. There are 2 million people living here. Our capital city is Ljubljana. - Tash

Lancashire ❁ The Red Rose County

A thank you from Helen. She writes: Hi, from the U.K. This postcard shows you just some of our beautiful country side. Blackpool is 1 of our biggest attractions for tourists. Lovely beaches and lots to do. Have you ever been to the UK? { Not yet Helen but we hope to go as a family someday soon, thank you}


Jingjing sends us a postcard of lovely Shanghai. She writes: Hi! This is from Shanghai, China, the most developed city in China. I'm a 19 year old University student majoring in Italian Linguistics and literature. My card shows what my city looks like at night. Hope you like it. {We LOVE this, thank you} Someone says that Shanghai is not real China because Shanghai is two young a city to compare with Beijing our capital {I am sure people say that about Charlotte where we live compared to our state capital Raleigh} Beijing has a history of more than 5,000 years, but I love my city. It's modern and open. Chinese food is very delicious and I promise the real Chinese food is definitely different from what you eat so called  "Chinese Food" in USA. I know about Charlotte from its NBA team lol hope someday I can travel there to see it with my own eyes. Happy Postcrossing & best wishes to you and your lovely daughter. Jingjing

Thank you so very much for such an informative and beautiful postcard and stamp! We hope you do get to come to the USA and enjoy some time during that trip in our lovely Carolinas (North and or South Carolina USA). Be well.

The Pony Express

Janet E. sent us this very cool postcard of the Pony Express Statue. She writes: Hi! Enjoy. Have a great summer! see you on FB (facebook). Hugs, Janet E.

The postcard facts read: Pony Express Statue - One of the best known and photographed markers in St. Joseph, the statue was sculpted by H.A. MacNeil of New York and unveiled April 20, 1940 by Federal Judge Merrill E. Otis. Located at Ninth Street and Frederick Avenue in St. Joseph, Missouri, the life size bronze statue weighs 7,200 pounds.

Thanks again for such an amazing fact filled postcard!

Michigan's State Stone

Fellow postcrosser Lynn writes: Hello! I thought you might enjoy this unique postcard from Michigan (we sure do). Our state stone , the Petoskey Stone, is actually fossilized coral from when Michigan used to be covered in water. [Wow what amazing facts, we sure dint know that] Enjoy, Lynn

Postcard facts: Petoskey Stone - Michigans's state stone, the Petoskey Stone, may be found along the shores of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, as well as in glacial drift throughout Lower Michigan. It is used for making jewelry and ornaments.

Republic of the Philippines

This postcard comes from a teacher in the Philippines named Rodrigo V. Jr. he writes: Hello! Greetings from the Philippines! The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of 7,107 islands. The biggest island groups are Luzon; Mindanao; and Visayar. Minila is our capital. Philippines was named after King Philip of Spain when Ferdinand Magellan (1518-1521), a Portuguese navigator, who worked for Spain, discovered the Philippines on March 25,1521. Sincerely, Rodrigo V. Jr

The second postcard reads: Hello! Greetings! This is our Bahaue Rice Terraces, a UHESCO site. It was built more then 2,000 years ago with the use of bare hands and crude tools. If placed both ends, it is 10 times longer than the Great Wall of China and it can span half the globe. Sincerely, Rodrigo V. Jr

Postcard facts read: Rice Terraces - The mountain tribes have grown food for themselves by cutting the mountain into terraces over hundreds of years.

Midsummer in Finland

Fellow postcrosser Rinna writes: Hi! I am Riina from Finland. You asked to write something that you can't find from the internet about home country or city. I decided to tell you about "Midsummer" that we will celebrate on Friday throughout Finland. Usually people want to travel to their summer houses on Midsummer (of course everybody does not have summer houses but very many do have and it is usually the place to celebrate Midsummer). It's traditional that we do babrecue, go swimming (at the lake, sea, or river), go to sauna , and maybe play some games outside. There are also some traditional "spells" that people do on the Midsummer night. I guess the most known is to get 7 flowers from the feilds and put them under a pillow. Then when you are sleeping, you should see your fourthcoming spouse in your dreams! :-) There are lots of things I could write about Midsummer in Finland but this postcard is far to small for all that. Anyway, I hope everything is good! Riina [ Your Midsummer sounds very much like what we celebrate today, Independance Day July 4th, lots of BBQ's, swimming and Red, White and Blue! Thank you for sharing]


Our new friend Irma D sent us our first two postcards from Mexico. She writes: Hi greetings from Guadalajara, Jalisco which is land of Tequila, Mariachi, Chawena the national sport, amazing hand crafts, and excellent weather most of the year. This is Mexico. This is a UNESCO WHS the hospicio cabanas is very nice. Inside you can find one of the most important murals "The Man on Fire" from Jose Clemente Orozco the most famous muralist in Mexico. Hope you like it! [ We sure do]

 The second postcard reads: Tequila is best known as being the birthplace of the drink that bears its name "Tequila" which is made from the blue agave plant native to this area. The heart of the agave plant contains sugar and had been used by native peoples to make a fermented drink called Mezcal. The popularity of the Tequila drink and the history behind it has made the town and the area surrounding it a UNESCO WHS. It was also named " Pueblo Magical" meaning magical town by the Mexican Federal Government in 2003. - Irma D.

Thank you so much Irma D this was wonderful and very interesting to learn!

Sunny Greetings from Finland

Tarja send us more amazing greetings from Finland! She writes: Sunny summer from Finland, and this time with the Characters made by Mauri Kunnas! Hugs - Tarja

MaeHongsorn, Thailand

Kannitha writes on this amazing handmade postcard: Greetings from Mae Hongsorn, Thailand. This is Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu. It's erected by the first governor of Mae Hong Son, this temple reflects the strong influence of the Burmese. The highlights of this attraction are the two lavishly decorated pagodas. Also, this hilltop temple affords an exceptional aerial view of the city and surrounding mountains and valleys. Kannitha

Black and White handmade card from Taiwan

This unique postcard reads: Greetings from Taiwan. I'm Skuld Lu. I want to send this postcard to you because I thought you might like it [We sure do!] I drew it myself. Hope you like it. At present Taiwan is seeing a rainy day, I don't like this weather. The month of June sees the Dragon Boat Festival, it is great but I didn't enjoy it. Happy Postcrossing!

More love from Vienna, Austria

Martina S writes:Hi, I decided to send you this card as well. I guess you will like it [ We do thank you] The Prater is a great amusement park in Vienna. As I told you in one of my last postcards, when I was a child I live opposite of the Prater. [That is amazing!]
Postcard #2 reads: Here you can see some of our typical dishes in Austria.... *Yummy*

Postcard #3 reads: Here you can see some nice places in Austria - she has been to Wachau, Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Graz.

Postcard #4 reads: St. Stephen's Cathedral: Architectural style * Romanique Gothic* Year consecrated 1147 Famous bell - Pummerin
Postcard #5 reads: Beautiful St. Stephen's Cathedral at night, It is so great to swap with you... thank you!

* Hugs to both of you*  Martina S.

Froggy Friends from Taiwan

HaiPing a fellow postcrosser in Taiwan writes: Hello ♥ I would have studied abroad for 19 days in America during summer vacation. However I got a bad grade on my big test , so my mom was angry with me. She said I could not go. I was so sad because I was expecting this trip for a long time ;-( 

[We sent you a few postcards from America I hope you enjoy them]

University of Michigan

A fellow postcrosser Lauren H send us a wonderful college postcard from the University of Michigan. She writes: Hello, I am currently attending school at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I have also been a part of one of the largest crowds in the "Big House" pictured on the front. Ann Arbor is a great town to be in during the summer. We have an annual art festival and music festivals that occur all summer long! I highly recommend visiting one day! [Thank you now that we know what to see I am sure we will visit this college someday ;-) ]


Hello! I am Jelena from Belgrade, the Capitol of Serbia. Here are two postcards of my city:
- City Parliament, the old Palace
- the most famous street of our city, Knez Mihailova street ( Duke Mihailo street) - pedestrian zone
I hope you like them! Bye - Jelena

Tuk Tuk - Thailand

Phichamon from Thailand writes: Hi! The tuk tuk is like a motorcycle with 3 wheels. It has a small open cabin in the back for passengers. The tuk tuk gets its name from the noise that its engine makes. Have a great day! - Phichamon


Chayenne a fellow postcrosser writes: Hi there! Here is a Panorama postcard from Rotterdam. It has one of the largest harbors in the world. Also famous in Rotterdam is the soccer club "Feyenoord". We talk with a hard G, Eat the famous "Joppie sauce" over french fries. Clothes... it's a multicultural town with people from all over the world, so let me say its colorful! Happy Postcrossing! Love from Chayenne. (Thank you very much!)

Loving the sunshine and the Sea more greetings from Thailand

Kannitha P writes: Greetings from Thailand. Here is a postcard for you and I hope you like it [we sure do]. This is Koh Chang Island ( Elephant Island) , it's a quiet and peaceful beach, perfect for holiday with a white sandy beach. I really love to go there ;-) Thanks -Kannitha P

From New York to Saint Paul, Minnesota

A new friend of ours on facebook has done a postcard swap with us and we have so much in common. His name is Lawrence A and he is also from New York. His first postcard is of the Manhattan Skyline. He writes on this 1st card: Hey, this is where I grew up. The greatest city in the world NYC. I miss it so much! -
The second card reads: Hi, Minnesota Capitol at night. During Christmas it looks really nice.

The postcard facts say: Minnesota State Capitol, Saint Paul - This magnificent structure, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, celebrated its centennial in 2005. The building is the third to serve as Minnesota's seat of government. General tours are available for the public.

Postcard #3: Hi, this is my town (Saint Paul, Minnesota)This card is five years old. Downtown has really changed. The parking lots belong to my job. I know big deal! LOL [ hey facts are facts we enjoy them all thank you]

Postcard #4 reads: Hi, Baseball is big in the twin cities. Go Twins! - Lawrence [ PS Here in NC we still say GO YANKEES! NY Pride all the way!]

Many thanks Lawrence A!

Les Cevennes

This postcard from Cecile C in France reads: Hi! I send you a hello from the South of France! I live with my family not too far away from the picture of this card, it's a very pleasant area... show me yours! ( We would be happy to send you a return postcard but we need your address ;-)  Thank you very much!

Ahhhhhhhh ... Bali

Greetings from Bali. Hi how are you? Hope you and your family are fine. This is the picture of 'Pura' or temple. It is a Holy place for Balinese Hindus. We usually go there for praying. Bali has many puras so that our island is called ' island of a thousand temples' (pulau seribu pura in Indonesian). It is easy to find a pura. Besides that , in schools, offices, and markets also have a pura. Even in the ricefield there is a small pura. Okay, I hope you like the card. Have a nice day! ;-)   [We love the card very much thank you!] Your Balinese friend, Ade W.

Animals of the Sunshine State

Lynn C send greetings from Florida. She writes: Hi, we have huge Gators here in Florida. You have to be careful when swimming. I hope you enjoy your cards. The second postcard reads: The Legend of the Seahorse. Enjoy your postcards and I hope you get a lot of nice ones. Take care, Lynn C. Thank you Lynn we enjoy your cards and have gotten many other wonderful ones from around the world also ;-)


This postcard hails from a postcrosser named Mikaela. She writes: Hello! Greetings from South Finland. I have a 4 year old dog and I like to walk through nature with him.I love animals very much. I'm 36 years old and a practical nurse. All the best to you! Best wishes, Mikaela

Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone River

Beki send more informative and fun filled postcards from across the USA, many thanks! Beki M writes: Hello from South Dakota! Seeing Mt Rushmore was so neat. I didn't realize it was basically the creation of an artist trying to do something cool and long lasting and really had nothing to do with the government. At the bottom of the mountain you can see rocks that were dynamited out! - Beki

The postcard facts read: Shrine of Democracy - Four great presidential faces, carved from solid granite in South Dakota's Black Hills , serve as an inspirational reminder of  the ideals of democracy, and a testament to human imagination and perseverance - as personified by sculptor Gutzon Borglum.

The second postcard reads: Hey! I finally made it to Oregon. This postcard is from one of our last stops - Yellowstone! It was really neat and beautiful. You kind of just drive around and look at the nature and animals - there were a bunch of Bison like 20 feet from the road /our car at one point! I really hope I can go back one day and spend a lot more time there. - Beki

This postcards facts read: The Yellowstone River- weaves its way down the Yellowstone Valley between Gardiner and Livingston, Montana. Prized for premium fishing and floating experiences, this portion of paradise symbolizes the saying, Montana: The Last Best Place.


This postcard is from Laurent in Lyon, France. The postcard reads: Greetings from Lyon. With a view from the Terroux Place, one of the two hearts of the city along with the Belle Crown Place. I hope to meet you one day if you visit my hometown! Best Wishes.

St. Patrick's Cathedral (NYC)

Raven L and son William send us more wonderful and very welcomed New York City Greetings. They write: St Patrick's Cathedral on New York's 5th Avenue is the largest decorated gothic style Catholic cathedral in North America. It is 2 acres long and was built in 1858 and founded in 1878. It was once an orphanage school, and is now used for masses, Holiday masses, funerals and buriels. It is known as the Catholic church on New York. St. Patrick's was built or brick and covered by marble for strength. The spires rise 330 feet from street level. The land its built on was purchased in 1810 for $11,000. The architect is James Renwick Jr.

North of France

This is a postcard from a friendly fellow postcard collector in the "Exchange de cartes Postales" group on facebook. Aurelie N writes: Hello, a small card of the North of France to exchange and amuse you among the lumps of letters! I hope to receive news from you soon.

Her second postcard reads: Hello! Thanks for your postcard. The past two days the weather has gotten better in France. I hope it will be the same for you now! Here is a postcard of Paris! (We love these so much thank you!)

Images of Birmingham

This postcard comes to us from a postcrosser named Sarah in Birmingham, England. She writes: Hello to you both from Birmingham, England! I've lived here for five years now - I study at the University  - and I love it. There's always something going on - at the moment we have an International food festival! I saw it today - loads of market stalls in one of the pedestrian streets and everything smells delicious. Hopefully well be named " European City of Culture" in 2013... Happy Postcrossing! - Sarah

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Eliska send us wonderful wishes and interesting information from the Czech Republic. She writes: Hello :-)
I'm sending you a postcard from Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic. It's a spa town situated in the west part of our country. It is a very nice place to live, especially for a movie fan. Several movies were filmed here, for example "Last Holiday" or "Casino Royal". Also the International film festival takes place here every July, it's always a big occasion. A lot of world movie stars come to our town. Best Wishes, Eliska.

From London to Rye

 Andy sends warm greetings from London. He writes: Hi, I recently climbed to the church roof in Rye and this is the amazing view that we saw across the marsh. Also a card from London. I loved your cards, Charlotte sounds like a good place to live. Have fun - Andy

The Alps

This is a private facebook swap from our friend Christophe, he writes: Hello, these are some views of villages in the Alps Mountains. It's a beautiful place to walk for hours.I wish you and your family a very nice day! Christophe

Dakar, Sengal (Africa)

This postcard is a wonderful discovery by our fantastic global traveling friend Nelson C. He writes: Hello, Greetings! Hope all is well. This card depicts the island of Goree, which was the main departure point of the Atlantic slave trade. Despite its dark past it is an amazing place to see firsthand, All the best! Nelson C.

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