It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Great Barrier Reef - Australia

This postcard is a new one from our new friend Trish L. She writes: Hi Ya, This postcard is of the Great Barrier Reef. Facts:
  1. It is the only living thing on earth that can be seen from outer space.
  2. It is apart of the World Heritage Listing
  3. It has over 2,900 reefs and around 940 islands.
  4. It stretches 2,300 kms along the Queensland coastline (1800 miles).
  5. The Reef is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World.
  6. Not all coral is hard, some are soft and spongy.
  7. The reef starts just out from where I live.
I hope you like this card. Your Aussie Mate - Trish L.

Fenway Park...

This postcard lovingly comes from a fellow postcrosser Mary J. Mary writes: This is the home of the Boston Res Sox. It's the oldest professional ball park still in use today.

The postcards facts read: Fenway Park Boston, Massachusetts
There are only 34,182 seats in the old (1912) American League Baseball Park and they are usually filled! Over the renown left field wall are the Mass 'Pike, the landmark Citgo sign and the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge over the Charles River. Photo by Johnathan J. Klein
Thanks for the wonderful postcards but we are still for ever YANKEE FANS!

The Mother of Presidents...

Jenna G. writes: Greetings from Jackson Center! Ohio's landscape is diverse; ranging from lakes and rivers to rolling hills, flat farmland to mountains. Autumn is beautiful ( and my favorite season). Columbus our capitol is a little over an hours drive and has many fun attractions. I live in a rural area and love the quiet but am about a 2 hour drive from 5 other major cities.  Best Wishes Jenna G.

Postcard facts: There have been eight Presidents from Ohio, earning it the nickname, "The Mother of Presidents"

More Amore from Italia!!!

Angela M. sent us to outstanding postcards from Italy. The first reads: How are you? Milan cathedral church is located in Lombardy,Northern Italy. The Gothic cathedral took five centuries to complete and is the 4th largest church in the world. It is a French made church started in 1386.

The second postcard reads: Hi, Cava de Tirreni is placed very near to the Tyrrheniau Sea, 5km inland located behind the Amalfi coast. The Lattari Mountains which separate Cava from the Amalfi on the west and the Picentini mountains on the east. It was founded in 1010 by St. Alferius. Ciao ;-) Angela M.

Just Relax

Our amazing friend Tarja K. from Finland sends us more whimsical greetings. She writes: Hello there, another funny card for you! The big text says "Just Relax!" The frog is saying "Lovely!" and the little fish "I Agree!" or is it a fish? We had a warm sunny week, but now its cold and rainy (same here)!

Madeira, Portugal

History of Madeira Island

When the Infante Dom Henrique, better known in English as Prince Henry the Navigator, gathered together the finest cartographers and navigators of Portugal at the beginning of the 15th century, his plan was to extend the knowledge of the coast of West Africa. Armed only with square-rigged ships, compass, hourglass and astrolabe, the initial sea captains were severely handicapped in their endeavors. But in the course of their ventures, the finest hour of Portuguese maritime history, luck brought greater riches than the purities of science and logic.

Two young sea captains, João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira, were blown off course on their journey around the African coast and after many days at sea found land on a small island that they named Porto Santo - the very first of the many discoveries made by Henry's school of navigation. On reporting to Henry they were promptly ordered to return and colonize the island. The year was 1419.
Seductive as are the charms of the golden sands of Porto Santo it seems somewhat incredible today that it took a further year before the next discovery was made. The captains had reported a dark mass of clouds visible on the southern horizon. They were now encouraged to explore this foreboding mass. As theories to whether the world was flat had yet to be completely disproved, it took an enormous leap of faith to cross the traverse.

As they approached, the huge Atlantic rollers breaking along the north coast and the boiling turbulence of the cross currents at the Ponta de São Lourenço cannot have eased the concern of the superstitious sailors. But on rounding the headland they discovered the bay of Machico, the threshold to the heavily forested island that they named Madeira. Prince Henry immediately organized the colonization of the island, with the first families coming from the Algarve region of Portugal.

Today the statue of Zarco looks down on the descendants of the first colonizers as they navigate the corner in front of the Bank of Portugal building in downtown Funchal. As the Portuguese overseas possessions have shrunk, so the relative significance of this first of the great discoveries has gained in importance. To find a needle in a haystack can be trying, but to find Porto Santo in an Atlantic storm was a lucky prize indeed.


Hello, This card shows the beautiful province of Limburg, in the very south of the Netherlands. There are a lot of houses as you see them on the card. It;s a particular kind of architecture that we call "vakwerk houses" , built of wood and mud in formal times. I hope you like this card (we love it and the facts many thanks to you) - Greetings Hanneke

The Nature of Swiss

Christophe D. from Switzerland writes: Hello, this is a card of what I can see 5 minutes walk from my home. I like all these little rivers in the forest. Have a nice day - Christophe D.

Land of Contrast...Utah!

Lucy S. writes: Hi, How is the weather in NC? (it is ok but has been raining heavily the past few days, today is the fist day we had all sun all day in a while). It's the rainy season here soon all the green will be Dead by the second week (really wow) in June. How the postcard vacation? Well we are moving along swimmingly and thanks to you we have increased our United States collection.

Postcard facts: Utah The Beehive State
Settled by Mormon Pioneers: 1847. Entered the Union as 45th State: January 4, 1896, State Capitol: Salt Lake City. Area in square miles: 84,916. Population 2.1 million

Hello hohoho.... from Finland

A postcrosser by the name Pirjo send us a Santa with reindeer postcard from Finland very sweet, thank you.

More Airmail from Australia

Sara writes: Hi Thank you for your postcard. I thought you might like this Koala, they live on a diet of gum leaves. I adore them. I like your blog, best wishes xx Sara

One of the great things to see and do in Central Park New York City

Thanks to our friend Raven for this cool postcard of Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park New York City. She writes: a public ice rink opened in 1949 from October to April and used to hole concerts in the summer but now hosts the Victorian Garden Amusement Park. Now owned by Donald Trump and known as Trump Wollman Skating Rink. Fun place to visit. From William and Raven L

Et voila une carte de la Tour Eiffel

This is a postcard of the Eiffel Tower I hope you like it. Best Reguards. Aurelie B.

The second postcard reads: Here is a card of Carcassonne (Aude - France) , that is a medieval city in the South of France. It's really very attractive and very preserved. I send you all my friendship of France. I hope that you are going to receive many cards. ( Thank you we send our love from Charlotte, North Carolina USA and we are chugging along with our postcard journey thanks to wonderful people like you Cathy B and Aurelie B.)

Auckland by Night

Hello from New Zealand! This postcard shows Auckland city at night. Auckland is New Zealand's largest city and is in the North Island. Even though it's the biggest city, our capital city is Wellington. In this postcard you can see the sky tower, which is the tallest building in the Southern hemisphere. You can see all around Auckland from the top and it has glass floors which are really scary to stand on (how exciting!) Auckland is known as the "city of sails" because it has thousands of yachts and boats docked at Auckland's many marinas. New Zealand has a population of 4 million people which is quite small compared to the USA!! I live in a small town called Pukekohe (Pook-he-ko-ee) which is just south of Auckland and is a town known for growing vegetables. I hope you enjoyed the card from New Zealand (indeed we did) and it might inspire you to visit New Zealand one day - Ashley

Thank you Ashley I must say this card was loaded with facts about your home which we now love even more many thanks.


Finally our very first postcard from India from my sister-in-law Payal R. She is such a wonderful mother and understand our mission and helps in many ways we love you Payal & Family who helped with these stupendous postcards! She writes on the first postcard: Hello, This card comes all the way from India from titi Payal's mom. She sends you the postcard of the Himalayas located in the North of India. Himalaya's is a mountain range and is the mountain system that is the planet's highest and home to the world's highest peak Mount Everest, Hope you will look up more information on it ( we sure are titi Payal many thanks to you and your mommy for her wonderful help!)

The second postcard reads:To our dearest niece, This is one more postcard from titi (that means aunt in Spanish) Payal's Mom , and it's of Taj Mahal its located in Agra, India and is also one of the seven wonders of the world. It is all built out of marble and decorated with real jewels. Hope you enjoyed seeing it and will learn more of it! ( We sure did titi Payal we took a 360 tour online it is so amazing we must visit the Taj Mahal someday)

College in Taiwan

This is an interesting postcard from Skuld L in Taiwan. It is dark but we can see the pictures that show various angels of a child kind of hiding under a bed as though she may be using her imagination while at home. There are three photos. Skuld L writes: Hey, Nice to meet you. I'm Skuld L. I'm 20 years old. Hope you like this postcard. This is a video show in the (she writes the name in her language of the college, see below) . That is a good college. Happy Postcrossing.

The Indian Version...

Many thanks to a swapper by the name of Mrs. Amy B. We had a wonderful postcard exchange with you. This postcard you have sent us from Oklahoma features The Indian Version the the twenty- third Psalm:

I am His and with Him I want not.
He throws out to me a rope and the name of the rope is love
and He draws me to where the grass is green and the water is not dangerous,
and I eat and lie down and am satisfied.
Sometimes my heart is very weak and falls down
but He lifts me up again draws me into a good road.
His name is WONDERFUL .
Sometimes, it may be very soon, it may be a long long time,
He will draw me into a valley.
It is dark there, but I'll be afraid not,
for it is between those mountains that the SHEPHERD CHIEF will meet me
and the hunger that I have in my heart all through life will be satisfied.
Sometimes he makes the love rope into a whip,
but afterwards He gives me a staff to lean upon.
He spreads a table before me with all kinds of foods.
He puts His hand upon my head and all the " tired " is gone.
My cup he fills till it runs over.
What I tell is true. I lie not.
These roads that are "away ahead" will stay with me
through this life and after;
and afterwards I will go to live in the Big Teepee
and sit down with the SHEPHERD CHIEF forever.

Author Unknown 

 Many thanks for this teachable moment it is a great addition to our postcard collection and has facts for my child to keep with her for life, be well Mrs. Amy B.


So we received a postcard from Zurich. Or friend Rabaab R writes: Hi, this is a postcard for you and your young girl. I hope you like it and find it helpful. (We sure do this is our first from Switzerland so many thanks!) It is of different sides of Zurich, lake and city views. Ok bye Rabaab

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