It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain! LOL My Fair daughter .....

We woke up this morning to a surprising early morning delivery by the postman which included a post card from Alicante, Spain. We are so excited to have another postcard from another country! My daughter and I jumped around like happy little bunnies when we received the postcard (this is our new thing every time we get one!). Here is what is says: We went to this castle which is on the top of the highest mountain in Alicante, Spain. The mountain is called cabeza del Moro because it is shaped like the head of the moorish one, who lived in Spain for 800 years until their banishment. What we learned from an extensive search :
Language in Alicante: Two official languages are spoken. Spanish and Valencian, but you will get almost everywhere with English and/or German.
With many historical buildings around the entire city, Alicante offers countless sightseeing attractions, from cathedrals to churches and of course a wonderful harbor area.

Thank you Debi and Joe ;-)

Hot new postcards from the Sunshine State (Florida)

Just when we thought the project was not reaching people... a burst of sunshine came our way from familiar faces (Titi Payal & Family) in the Sunshine state of Florida. Auntie Payal came to the rescue and mailed us not one but TWO postcards from the sunny state of Florida with some interesting facts about the area each postcard originates from.

Daytona Beach, FL : This city was founded in 1870 and is also known as one of the worlds most famous beaches. The first car race was held on the Daytona Beach Road Course in 1936. In fact people can still drive on the beach today! Daytona is also home to NASCAR headquarters... <<<<<<>>>> We hope you enjoy the postcard and can visit each location you receive them from someday.

St. Augustine, FL: This is the oldest established city in the United States. It was founded in 1565, explored in 1513 by Ponce De Leon who at the time was Governor of Puerto Rico. We can't wait for you to visit us in FL so we can explore a few of these wonderful and historic places.

The Very 1st International Postcard....

After reaching out to some new and old friends on other social networking sites we now officially have our very first International Postcard direct from Dublin (Grafton Street) to be exact. Special thanks to Nelson C for this wonderful tribute to our project. It arrived while some family members where visiting so they got to see the excitement on our faces when we received the postcard in the mail.

Our very generous PMer was also kind enough to write a few facts about Dublin on the postcard for us to enjoy. He writes: 22.03.2010 Greetings from Dublin, it is beautiful over here...lots of little bridges and small streets... it is cold and rains a lot though. Best to bring am umbrella! Check out the Spire of Dublin, Ha' Penny Bridge and Christ Church online for great pictures!

Thank you again good friend for being the very first person to grant us a wish by simply mailing us a postcard from what we consider a wonderful and far away land! We can't wait to receive more, there is so much to learn about our surrounding states as well as far away lands.


I recently took the time to re-post the project on my Facebook page informing everyone why I was asking for the postcards from around the world. My request went a little like this: I was wondering if you would like to help us with a project I am doing with our daughter ... I have created memo boards that we placed in her room, I wonder if you could take a few minutes to please send us a post card from your home or a place u will visit. I am teaching her through postcards about places around the world, so far we have gotten post cards from FL, GA, and Dublin. Whenever we get a post card I read about the place it is from by obtaining a book from the local children's library, and I point it out to her on the globe. Thank you and if not we understand but thank you for reading.
I lovingly named this project "Teachable Moments from Around the Globe".

Our daughter gets extra excited now when we collect the mail in the afternoons.

Post Card #3

Post Card # 3 Arrived also from PMer Sarah M. This time it is from Florida. Not a particular place in Florida but still a new place to show our little girl on her globe. Florida as we all lovingly know to be America's sunshine state. The postcard reminds us of the many perfect sunsets that can be seen there. We will soon be seeing more post cards from that area because we have family members there. Thanks again Sarah M ;-)

Thank you Sarah M...

Special thanks to our very first PMer (Postcard Mailer) Sarah who mailed the very first three postcards 2 from Tybee Island, GA. I pointed out as best as I could on the mini globe (LOL we are working on buying her a larger one soon) and here is what we learned about Tybee Island, GA.
Lights Out! May 1 - Oct 31
Light glowing softly on the horizon guides baby sea turtles toward the ocean. Artificial light leads them landward where they're vulnerable to predators, dehydration and tires. If you CAN see your lights from the Beach, they CAN too. So please Turn off or shade your house, porch, or car and other portable lights at 9pm.
Special thanks for any consideration by the Tybee Island Marine Science Center.

We also learned that many Gorgeians like to frequent Tybee Island Drive 20 minutes east of Savannah, Georgia, through a few miles of wide sky and salt marshes. This is where you’ll find Tybee Island — perhaps the most laid-back location on the southeastern coast according to Tybee Island is the beautiful barrier island on the Georgia Coast that ancient Indians named “salt” (“duh bee” in the old Euchee tongue).

Kyra, Daddy and I hope to visit Tybee Island, GA someday soon. Thank you Sarah M for opening our eyes to such a charming not so distant place!

The $2 Globe that started it all...

One day as I walked through the bargain isle of a Target store I found a globe. I decided to get it for my 3 year old daughter. It seemed like a great way to point out where her grandparents and other family members live in the United States. So we began doing so. Then I asked a friend of mine to send us a postcard from her home town and from her upcoming vacation. She agreed and soon we had 3 postcards 2 from Tybee Island, GA and 1 from Florida.

Upon receiving the postcards I pointed out on the mini globe where these locations are. I began using Google maps also to give our daughter a better idea of location in comparison to us these places are.

From this my ideas began to flow...

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