It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

ATL - Atlanta Georgia

This card literally came from the airport, lol but thanks still and all grandpa. The postcard has a great night view of the Georgia Aquarium which opened on November 23, 2005. With 8 million gallons of fresh and marine water, and more than 100,000 animals representing 500 species from around the globe. Georgia Aquarium is the worlds largest Aquarium. Wow these are interesting facts that the postcard itself has printed on it, we were not aware. Next time we go for a drive to Georgia we will be sure to visit this the worlds largest aquarium!

The card reads: This is from the great state of Georgia. The airport is big & beautiful. Love grandma and grandpa

Thank you

MCO- Mickey Country

MCO is the airport code for Orlando and today we got a postcard from Grandma & Grandpa. It reads: Hello from sunny Orlando, FL. Not far from Disney World (Mickey Mouse Kingdom.) Happy Geography! They are very supportive of this project we are doing and have sent along a world map with this postcard and on the reverse there is a large map of just these United States of America (North America).

The postcard has photos of The Old Train Depot (top left), which was once a major stop on the South Florida Railroad and now houses and great shopping. The Exchange offering unique shops and dinning is the pic on the top right. Bottom left - "Old Duke", a 140 tonne steam engine.

Aloha - From Hawaii

Today was our little angels birthday and as always we check the mail for our postcards and to our surprise there was one from Hawaii. Special thanks to our friends Brent Roberto on their vacation. The postcard reads: Aloha from Hawaii!
Facts on the postcard:

Highlights of Hawai'i, The Hawaiian islands feature special offerings - a spectacular active volcano,majestic humpback whales, delicious shave ice and Kona coffee, and countless, enchanting beaches. Each island has its own unique personality and provides a landscape full of adventure and sightseeing opportunities.

Happy Birthday my Little Postcard Princess

Today was our daughter's 4th birthday. Complete with a new bicycle, Disney DVD, and other great toys. We went somewhere new today and where able to obtain a postcard at the gift shop. We visited the Lazy 5 Ranch today and saw many new animals live and up close. We spent the day within the elements and had a blast we love you little one.

New postcards!

After today's field trip, my daughter and I went home to check the mail. Low and behold two more postcards from Debi & Joe! We received one from Paris, France! This card displays the magnificent work of a stain glass window from La Sainte-Chapelle. The postcard reads: These beautiful windows in La Sainte-Chapellein Paris, France. There is an entire floor with windows like these. You could sit for hours just staring at the magical light that shines through.

The second postcard which is also from Debi & Joe is from Madrid, Spain. The card reads: saying hello from Madrid, Spain. The magnificent building on the card is the main post office and city hall. The fountain is named after Cibeles, the Goddess of Fertility. it is one of the many beautiful plazas in Spain.

As of now with three postcards and counting Debi & Joe you hold the award for the most postcards received by one(two) sender(s). Thank you again for all your help thus far keep them coming if you can and we will continue to post what we learn.

A field trip to Ariel Photography Services Inc. today!

I have recently discovered a way to buy postcards in bulk after making many new postcard swap friends online it was something I had to do. Thanks to a social networking site I have discovered how to go about expanding our reach far beyond our already wonderful friends and family who have been a wonderful help with this project so far. So one of the postcards I obtained from the local visitors center I just flipped it over and it turns out the distribution company is here in Charlotte, NC. So this morning I call the number provided to Ariel Photography Services Inc. and they were so wonderful and welcoming! I couldn't wait to go buy the postcards in bulk. After looking at their vast array of choices online I figure why not turn this into a field trip for our daughter to show her how the process works from our end. I asked the company if it was okay to bring my daughter along while I shopped and they were pleased as punch! This companies and they Charlotte, NC staff were outstanding! We were greeted with smiles and where given many choices of items and postcards to choose from. Thank you for being so kind, and providing such wonderful service to my daughter and I today Ariel Photography Services Inc. Staff in Charlotte, NC. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future. You have made this a lasting memory and a learning experience that was most refreshing.

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