It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!


Greetings from Arkansas! Tracy from postcrossing writes: I thought it was so funny when your address came up... I'm actually moving to North Carolina (NC) next week, Ashville! (Congratulations we hope you enjoy it be sure to visit the famous Biltmore Estates!) Anyway , the town I live in now is a small victorian town built into the hillsides in the Ozark Mountains. A fact about Eureka Sprinks, Arkansas... this town has been featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not more than any other US (United States) town! Peace, Tracy

Wow Tracy we have many things in common for one thing the fun fact about Myrtle beach, NC I always tell everyone I send a South Carolina postcard to is that they are home to a Ripley's Believe It or Not museum! Also we live so close I am sure one day we will meet. We haven't yet been to Asheville, NC which is a few hours away but my mother has been begging to see the Biltmore Estates a well known Vanderbilt Home George Vanderbilt’s 8,000-acre estate. Mr. Vanderbilt created Biltmore as an escape from everyday life. Now, his descendants invite you to enjoy his legacy of hospitality. Thanks again Tracy.


Carol S. from the United Kingdom has sent us a postcard showing the popular seaside of Bridlington. The postcards reads: Temp 19 degrees C... Greetings to you both from Bridlington, a small seaside town, population 35,000. Situated on the East coast of Yorkshire, once a thriving fishing providence but now the main industry is tourism. I work in a hotel (shown). Which overlooks the historic Harbour beach area and north sea. Kindest reguards toy uo both - Carol S. [Many thanks Carol]

The black and white...

This postcard is an interesting and charming postcard in black and white of a cat looking as though it is awaiting the next train so cute. Many thank from our postcrosser friend Willis (Wen wen) from Taiwan. On the postcards is written "I ♥ Taiwan".


Our good friend Nelson C., sent us a wonderful gift, our very first postcard from PARIS, FRANCE! This postcard is as artistic as the person who sent it ;-) Thank so very much for searching so hard for the other postcards I am sure someday it will turn up.This postcard shows the famous Le Pont Alexandre III. Built in 1900 for the Universal Exhibition, the Pont Alexandre-III takes its name from the Russian emperor who laid the first stone. It's a magnificent example of art nouveau style decorated with nymphs, cherubs and other sea monsters. The four golden statues depict Art, Commerce, Industry and the Sciences. At the time of its construction, the authorities would not allow the ornamentation to obscure the view of the Champs-Élysees or the Invalides - happily for us the view is still wonderful! This superb example of 19th-century engineering crosses the Seine between the Invalides and the Grand Palais. It is definitely one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris. Be well good friend and safe travels.

Malaysia (Unknown Sender)

Many thanks for these five postcards from Malaysia. I am unsure of who the sender is so we will happily thank you here. Thank you.
 Each of the postcards show something different in Malaysia. From a rubber tapper at work early in the morning on the plantation, to the city of Kuala Lumpur, the capital skyline, which is the financial and commercial center of the nation. Also shown adorned with painted roof resembling a horn, the bullock cart which was once a popular for of transport in Malacca; now you can still take a ride on it at Ayer Keroh. A giant leatherback turtle climbs ashore to lay eggs (This we learned on Go Diego Go but its even better to see a real one on our postcards, many thanks.) And finally we see the Orange Utan or " Man of the forest" found only on the island of Borneo, its an endangered species fully protected in Malaysia. Thank you mystery person for these very interesting postcards ;-)

The Calgary Stampede

 This postcard is from a recent swap of postcards we have done with a father and son. This postcard is from Alberta, Canada an it shows a common seen at The Calgary Stampede billed as the greatest outdoor show on earth. Thousands are attracted to this event annually.

According to (2010): in 1912 the great Stampede was born from the vision of Guy Weadick. Guy was a famous working cowboy and vaudeville entertainer featured in the traveling wild-west shows that were popular world-wide in the early 1900s. He was a man with a dream of celebrating the romance and authentic culture of the old west.
The Stampede we enjoy today has evolved from Guy's vision. He was successful because he understood that as much as things change, we need to believe in the way things were.
Our historical information tells the story of who we were in our earliest days, and reminds us that Guy was right; fundamentally we believe in the same western values today as we did in 1912.

Many thanks to Gary & Jacob E. for this interesting postcard we had no idea.


Today a long time friend of ours Terri P. has been kind enough to send us two postcards from Minnesota. Terri writes: Little Miss Postcard collector this card is from St. Paul, Minnesota the capital. We live 30 minutes from there. I hope we can see you girls soon! I bet you and my daughter would have fun playing!

The second postcard reads:  Girls, this postcard is from Minnesota about 4 miles from where I live. I live in Wisconsin. It's a very small town so I have yet to find a postcard from here! Love Terri P and Family


Greetings from a very new swapper Donna J. She sent us three postcards from the great state of Texas. The common phrase that others may not know is everything's bigger in Texas! Donna J. writes: Mommy and cutie pie (daughter)! How are you?I'm sitting out here in the country , the air is clean and cool, after a big Texas thunderstorm. It's quiet and I can hear the goat calling out and the donkey who lives behind me talking to each other... wonder what they are saying!?

Postcard #2 reads: Hi! Did you see the Bluebonnets? They grow all over the side of the highway. It's a Texas tradition to take photos of your kids, family, pets, wedding couples, etc in the fields of Bluebonnets! Maybe someday you can all have your pics taken in the bright blue state flower of Texas!!! (Yes now we knoe what to do as soon as we get there when ever we decide to visit, and we sure will, many thanks)

Postcard #3 reads: Thank you for your help with postcrossing! I'm on my way now! - Donna J.

Postcard Facts:
Nickname: Lone Star State
Admission to Statehood: December 29, 1845
Capital: Austin
Flower: Bluebonnet
Tree: Pecan
Bird: Mockingbird
Animal: Longhorn (large)
Animal: Armadillo (small)

Song: "Texas, Our Texas"
Motto: Friendship
Size: 268601 square miles
Origin of Name: Based on a word used by Caddo Indians meaning "friends"
Highest Point: Guadalupe Peak; 8,749 feet
Lowest Point: Gulf Coast ; sea level
Flag: The official state flag of Texas was adopted in 1845 when Texas became the 28th state. The blue in the flag stands for loyalty, the white represents strength and the red is for bravery.

Many thanks again Donna J. and Happy Postcarding/ Postcrossing!

Maracatu is a type of Brazilian Party

Our good friend Helo C in Brazil sends us unexpected greetings from Brazil. She writes: Hi!! Greetings from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I found this postcard very colorful, showing a typical Brazilian party "Maracatu", and I thought you two would like it! ( We sure do many thanks Helo C!) I found the blog of yours very interesting. Congratulations for the great work!!! Hugs - Helo C

From a land down under we discover...

Our amazing friend Trish L. sent us a package from Australia. In it are many gooddies that my daughter simply adores. The are four postcards filled with outstanding facts, A Koala book mark also with facts, and a plushy turtle that our daughter danced around with when she saw it (and has as of now gone to sleep with). Trish writes on the first postcard: This is the small beachside town I live in, and it's only about a 10 min drive from Mon Repos where the turtles go. We get a lot of holiday makers on the school vacations visiting here as well as a number of backpakers from overseas. Did you know that the children in Australia all have to wearuniforms to school (no but as a mom I think that is wonderful!) Hope this was the sort of thing you were looking for (Yes it sure is thank you.)

The second postcard reads: I live near where Fraser Island is on the east coast!  Thought this card was very interesting to show how big Australia is,compared to the rest of the world. I have traveled only down the east coast , still so much I haven't seen. (Our daughter also has traveled on the East coast of America (my my what you have in common ;-)

The third postcard reads: Mon Repos beach is one of the two largest Loggerhead Turtle Rookery's in the south pacific ocean. People visit here form November to March to watch the turtles lay their eggs and then about 60 days later, you can watch the baby's hatching and emerge from the sand and crawl down to the ocean. They lay their eggs at night time. Loggerhead turtles are an endangered species. I loved going to watch this as a child.

The forth postcard of this amazing package reads: Koala's
The Koala, a cuddly native Australian Marsupial. Koala's have thick grey or brown fur on their backs and white fur on their stomach. Koala's don't have a tail. They have strong, sharp claws and long toes to help them climb. They are Marsupials. Koala's measure between 64 and 76 cm in length and weigh between 7 and 14kg. They eat ecualyptus leaves ( we love the smell of eucalyptus) and they don't drink water very often. Also a baby Koala stays in its mothers pouch for a few months (or till around 1 year old) after it is born.
Your Aussie Mate, Trish L.

¸.•♥•.¸¸.•♥• Many thanks again for this outstanding package we love every minute of it! •♥•.¸¸.•♥•.¸

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