It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Ystavalle (means For a Friend)

Welcomed greetings from our most dedicated friend Tarja in Finland. She writes: Hello Again! This card says "For a Friend" and "Hello Friend." These Characters are called Moomin, probably best known characters from Finland and created by one woman by the name of Tove Jansson. In this card you can see "Stinky" (the black one) and Niiskuneiti (not sure what that translates to in English she writes). Lots of hugs, Tarja

We love the postcards all of them and the postage stams are so festive and child friendly our little girl thanks you so much and so do we for being so dedicated to Teachable Moments. Many thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Hello from Holland

Karin L. send us greetings from Holland through postcrossing. Karin writes: Hello, hope you like the card. (By the way we sure do, thanks!) Holland is famous for the windmills. I'm a mother of 2 daughters and I have a cat and a dog named Nipi and Boomer. I work full time in a Pharmacy and I like my work. I'm also a stamp-collector, so I hope you send me a card in an envelope and if you have used stamps from the USA or other countries. Enjoy the tea (she sent us three bags of delicious teas, many thanks) Happy postcrossing and greetings... Karin L.

Greetings from the center of Europe

Our PMer Olga writes: Here comes a greeting from the center of Europe, from the hospitable country of Belarus, which few people even know about (even in Europe). I live in Minsk, the capitol city. The sights of which you can see on both the postcard and envelope. The envelope features a diamond-shaped building which was featured last year on the World's Top 15 Ugliest Buildings list. This building is our national library. Maybe one day it will be our famous landmark similar to the Eiffel tower in Paris. Parisians considered the now famous landmark an ugly monster at first and now they are proud of it.

Anyway, I hope my postcard accompanied with some comments will be a nice contribution to your exciting project (It sure is thanks so much!) I should note here that I have a wall in my room, where I put postcards from all over the world too! I began to buy them myself when I visited some foreign countries and then my friends started sending me theirs as well. I am glad someone shares my ideas. Good Luck with your project! Warm Reguards, Olga.

Aloha ....

This is yet another amazing postcard we received. The postcard shows the Honolulu city lights of Hawaii. Glennys writes: Hello, I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu is the capital of the Hawaiian Islands. It is on the island of Oahu. Oahu is also the home of Pearl Harbor and world famous Waikiki Beach.

Postcard facts read:  Honolulu city lights radiate an aura of beauty and tranquility as day melts into night.
Photo by Peter French.

The Black Forest- Germany

Many Greetings from Germany our friend Eva Maria writes. This photo was taken in the Black Forest, one of the most beautiful places here in southwestern Germany. I live in a little village (about 150km or 95 miles to the Black Forest). Life is quiet but interesting. Take care

- Eva Maria


This postcards is yet another fantastic contribution from our American postcard mailer (PMer) Beki M. She writes: Hello! This picture shows the Umpqua River. It's really long and beautiful, there are so many trees and it's oh so green here. They do a lot of logging in Oregon, we've seen many trucks of logs and also piled up at log warehouses! The rugged Umpqua River is famous for scenic beauty and great fishing. Many miles are restricted to fly fishing only.

Americas Most Historic Prison

We received an interesting card and yet it is still very much a Teachable Moment for us. This postcard arrived from a post-crosser Jess Roz, thank you. The picture on the postcard may be a bit deceiving, at first glace you would think its an underground railroad or a tunnel of some kind for mining. However the picture shows the Eastern State Penitentiary. Our writers says: Hello! I got this card at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA. I was using this as a wall decoration but now I think I should send them out into the world. Happy Postcrossing! - JessRoz

The Postcard Facts Read: Easter State Penitentiary America's Most Historic Prison
When Easter State Penitentiary opened in 1829, visitors from around the world marveled at its grand architecture and radical philisophy. The experient - to reform criminals through strict isolation - soon became a model for prison design world wide. The penitentiary's vaulted, sky-lit cells held many of America's ,ost notorious criminals, including Willie Sutton and Al Capone. After 142 years, Eastern State was finally abandoned. Tours today include cellblocks, central rotunda,death row and critically acclaimed art exhibitions.
Photo by: Elena Bouvier, 1998.

Go Green in Germany's National Park

These two postcards are from a part of Germany I have never even heard of but we are so glad our friend Carmen S sent them to us. The postcards show a National Park in Germany by the name of Bayerischer Wald. So my daughter and I took to the computer to find out some more about this fantastic looking park. Many people travel to this park yearly just as people do here in the United States of America traveling to Yellowstone National Park. Its a great vacation for people of all ages. We love the wilderness and that looks like a place we would visit if ever our travels take us to Germany. Many thanks Carmen S. for these teachable moments.

Other Facts: The Bavarian Forest National Park was the 1st National Park in Germany, founded in 1970,  and covers a large area from Bayerisch Eisenstein along the Czech border to the South.
The Park contains the largest area between the Atlantic and the Urals where nature is left to its own devices, allowing it to return over time to its natural ‘wilderness’ state.
The Park is 1 of only 3 in Germany which are internationally recognized according to the criterion that at least 75% of the Park area must be untouched by any human activity such as hunting or forestry.

There are many threatened species which have found refuge in the National Park: otters, grouse, small owls and many woodpecker varieties. Lynx have returned to the Forest, from the neighboring Bohemian Forest. Black storks and peregrine falcons have returned. Red deer, roe deer and wild boar are at home here.

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