It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

The Very 1st International Postcard....

After reaching out to some new and old friends on other social networking sites we now officially have our very first International Postcard direct from Dublin (Grafton Street) to be exact. Special thanks to Nelson C for this wonderful tribute to our project. It arrived while some family members where visiting so they got to see the excitement on our faces when we received the postcard in the mail.

Our very generous PMer was also kind enough to write a few facts about Dublin on the postcard for us to enjoy. He writes: 22.03.2010 Greetings from Dublin, it is beautiful over here...lots of little bridges and small streets... it is cold and rains a lot though. Best to bring am umbrella! Check out the Spire of Dublin, Ha' Penny Bridge and Christ Church online for great pictures!

Thank you again good friend for being the very first person to grant us a wish by simply mailing us a postcard from what we consider a wonderful and far away land! We can't wait to receive more, there is so much to learn about our surrounding states as well as far away lands.
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