It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

More love from Vienna, Austria

Martina S writes:Hi, I decided to send you this card as well. I guess you will like it [ We do thank you] The Prater is a great amusement park in Vienna. As I told you in one of my last postcards, when I was a child I live opposite of the Prater. [That is amazing!]
Postcard #2 reads: Here you can see some of our typical dishes in Austria.... *Yummy*

Postcard #3 reads: Here you can see some nice places in Austria - she has been to Wachau, Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Graz.

Postcard #4 reads: St. Stephen's Cathedral: Architectural style * Romanique Gothic* Year consecrated 1147 Famous bell - Pummerin
Postcard #5 reads: Beautiful St. Stephen's Cathedral at night, It is so great to swap with you... thank you!

* Hugs to both of you*  Martina S.
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