It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone River

Beki send more informative and fun filled postcards from across the USA, many thanks! Beki M writes: Hello from South Dakota! Seeing Mt Rushmore was so neat. I didn't realize it was basically the creation of an artist trying to do something cool and long lasting and really had nothing to do with the government. At the bottom of the mountain you can see rocks that were dynamited out! - Beki

The postcard facts read: Shrine of Democracy - Four great presidential faces, carved from solid granite in South Dakota's Black Hills , serve as an inspirational reminder of  the ideals of democracy, and a testament to human imagination and perseverance - as personified by sculptor Gutzon Borglum.

The second postcard reads: Hey! I finally made it to Oregon. This postcard is from one of our last stops - Yellowstone! It was really neat and beautiful. You kind of just drive around and look at the nature and animals - there were a bunch of Bison like 20 feet from the road /our car at one point! I really hope I can go back one day and spend a lot more time there. - Beki

This postcards facts read: The Yellowstone River- weaves its way down the Yellowstone Valley between Gardiner and Livingston, Montana. Prized for premium fishing and floating experiences, this portion of paradise symbolizes the saying, Montana: The Last Best Place.
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