It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Beautiful Deggendorf (Schones Deggendorf)

Germany is very interesting and many countries like ours can learn from their continuous green habits. The Germans love to Bike, walk, take tours, give walking tours, take nature walks, even culture walks. Carmen S sends us yet another two interesting German postcards, thank you.

Here is what we discovered online about Deggendorf, Germany according to (Deggendorf, 2010):

Deggendorf is a beautiful town located in southeastern Germany right on the Danube River and at the western foot of the Bavarian and Bohemian forests. This gives the town a picturesque feel, one that you’re sure to appreciate while you’re there.
As you began your tour through town, you should take notice of its pear-shaped layout that was designed during the medieval period. Fortunately, the town has maintained its medieval fortifications which enables you to fully experience what this town felt like during the medieval times.
You’ll want to make your first stop at the Town Hall located in the center of the town. There you’ll see a beautiful Gothic tower which dates back to approximately 1380.
Next, you’ll want to stroll through the section of the old town where medieval fortifications still remain. Walking along the top of the battlements is a must!
Take note of the mansions that once belonged to affluent members of the town and that have now become town landmarks. The architecture of these beautiful mansions enables you to truly understand what it felt like to reside in the town during the late 1800’s.
Make sure to stop at the Parish Church and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The churches outlines alongside the outline of the Town Hall, provide for a gorgeous skyline.
The town has a fantastic Cultural Center which contains 4 municipal institutions which, all-together, provide an in-depth history of the town. The institutions are the history museum, the craft museum, the Kapuzinerstadl and the library.
For those who enjoy the outdoors, Deggendorf offers various outdoor activities. In the summer, you can choose from hiking, walking, or biking. A great summertime biking trip is to the clear mountain lakes. During the winter months, the town offers great cross-country and downhill skiing.
The town has much to offer in terms of social events. Various festivals include the Town Hall Music Festival, the Bavarian Dialect Festival, and the Cabaret Weeks Festival. Call ahead to your hotel or check on the Internet to see if any festivals or street fairs will be being held while you’re in town.
If you enjoy the arts, call ahead to Deggendorf’s Municipal Center which offers a fantastic array of entertainment including plays, musicals, and operas to name a few.

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