It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Our Nations Capital

 Today among the postcards we received is one from Washington, D.C. For our readers who might not know this Washington, District of Columbia (or DC as it is most often referred to) is the Capital City of the United States of America. This is where the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and many more! Our current President is Barack Hussein Obama, he is the 44th President of the United States of America.
Many thanks to Lisa L and family for this amazing postcard it is our very first from Washington,D.C.!

Lisa writes:  Hi, I live in Maryland, but work in Washington, D.C. at a bookstore. It is a very fun job in a fun town. So you see the tall thin monument in the picture? My four year old son called it " the pencil" but it's actually the Washington Monument. The space between it and the Capitol is all grass and a great place to fly a kite. Have fun with all your postcards. Sincerely, Lisa L

Lisa many thanks again we love the postcard and especially the facts you have written, we fly kites here in North Carolina too since our little girl was two years old. But that sure is an amazing place to fly a kite when you look back at all the events that occurred on that same spot over the years (we'll send you a postcard or two).
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