It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Where the Latest Disney Princess story was created: New Orleans

Thanks to our old friend Olger T for sending us this wonderful postcard. You have shown us where the story of the Princess and the Frog truly takes place. Our daughter loves the latest Disney story and she can't get enough but it is always great to show her that sometimes things aren't always magical and sweet. When getting this postcard with all of the beauty I couldn't help but wonder how this location was effected by "Hurricane Katrina". So we took to the internet this time for a fast and up to date answer. This postcard displays the St. Louis Cathedral and according to the facts on the postcard this church was built 3 times on this site. The 1st was destroyed by a hurricane in 1722 and the second by a fire.

While not the largest or grandest of the city's Roman Catholic churches, this historic Cathedral is an important religious and social center, as well as the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, officially in Latin Archidioecesis Novae Aureliae, is an ecclesiastical division of the Roman Catholic Church administered from New Orleans, Louisiana. It is the second-oldest diocese in the present-day United States, having been elevated to the rank.On the site of three previous churches, the cathedral was expanded and largely rebuilt in 1850, so little of the 1789 structure remained. Located next to
Jackson Square and facing the Mississippi River (which happens to be the second longest river in the United States, with a length of from its source in Lake Itasca in Minnesota to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico) the St. Louis Cathedral is at the heart of New Orleans and is one of its most recognizable landmarks. It is often used as the backdrop for newscasts and political speeches featuring the city.

It is situated between the historic buildings of The Cabildo (was the seat of colonial government in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is now a museum. The Cabildo is located along Jackson Square, adjacent to St. Louis Cathedral The original Cabildo was destroyed in the Great New Orleans Fire)and The Presbytère, is an important historical building in New Orleans, Louisiana and is located in the French Quarter.

One of the few Roman Catholic churches in the United States that fronts a major public square, the location of St. Louis Cathedral demonstrates the French Catholic origin of New Orleans.

PS we love this postcard thank you Olger T.
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