It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Passage to Finland

Our wonderful friend Tarja K from Finland has graciously sent us another postcard with even more facts about her wonderful country Finland. Each postcard is just as remarkable as the last. This card reads: Hello again from Finland! This card shows you some idea of our capital Helsinki and sea life there. The big picture shows the central market, doom church, and in that yellow building our president Mrs. Halonen is residing. The large white ship is a Silja Line Cruiser to Sweden or Germany.

Wow were are amazed at all that you wrote of Tarja but more then anything the female president is news to me, and our daughter's favorite part is the flag she loves learning about flags as well as geography. We looked up this part of Finland on Google Earth to discover more about it. We will soon make a trip to ImaginOn ( The Joe and Joan Martin Center here in Charlotte, NC to collect some more information about Finland as well as other places we have received postcards from.
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  1. Tarja Says:

    So great to see my card here on your wall again,it looks so good :) Yes we have female president,her whole name is Tarja Kaarina Halonen and she was born on Christmas Eve :) Those names Tarja and Kaarina are very cool,because guess what?? I have them as well,my second name is Kaarina :)
    Lots of hugs,sending you more later again :)

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