It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Ciao from Naples, Italy

Today within all of the postcards we received two from Italy from our friend Roberto I! In the first postcard he writes: This card shows you the famous " Castello Aragonese", one of the main attractions of the island of Ischia (Naples), and probably one of the oldest castles in Italy! Many Greeting from the bay of Naples to Charlotte, US.

Fact on the postcard itself says: Isola D'Ischia - A paradise in the Mediterranean

The second postcard reads: this postcard shows you the little town of Assisi in Umbna, a region in central Italy, very beautiful!

Thank you so much Roberto I, these postcards are our very first from Italy and you are so creative you made them interesting and quite festive with the designs you added on the written sides. We love the purple postcard of Castello Aragonese, the color is simply out of this world and well as all little girls are the princess she is excited to now have a picture of a castle (simply delightful)! We did use Google Earth to get a look at the castle and Assisi so thank you for opening our eyes to other parts of the world.
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