It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Hello Finland!

Today we received our very first postcard from Finland (and in record time from what other postcard swappers tell me.) The card as you can see displays some of Finland's rich architecture along with its lush greenery. The card was sent by Tarja, it reads: "Hello There! Greetings from Finland. We Have an old castle her in Hameenlinna, "Linaa" means castle in Finnish and "Hame" is our region. The pics in the middle show hotel Aulanko with it's huge and beautiful park. Verkatehdas is an old clothing factory, and Nowadays it is our popular culture & congress center including cinemas, concerts, theater, etc. Thank you Tarja again for this fantastic piece of Finland information of things not often read in books but heard only by people like yourself who enjoy these facts of their homeland everyday.

My daughter and I also went to Google Earth to look at the latest visual of Finland. Loved it!
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  1. Tarja Says:

    Hello there :)
    It is so great to see my card here in your fabulous blog :) I´ll send you more cards soon,from different places in Finland!!

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