It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

Welcome to the Destination Zermatt - Matterhorn

This postcard comes to us from Christophe S. in Switzerland. He writes: Hello...thank you for your last postcard. Here is a multiview of a touristic mountain river in Zermatt ( South of the country). The sound of this river among the cliff is wonderful!Have a nice day.

According to (Welcome to the Destination Zermatt - Matterhorn) Gornerschlucht… or Gorner Gorge is the name of the unique wonder of Nature in the immediate vicinity of the Blatten hamlet. It was eroded by the Gornervispe river after the last Ice Age, and was first opened up in the years 1886/87. There are now two ways of crossing the gorge: the upper part of the Gornerschlucht can be crossed in three to four hours with the aid of a mountain guide, as a breathtaking adventure, or the lower part of the Gornerschlucht can be crossed without special equipment using the installation that dates back to 1886/87. On both routes, you will experience the Gornervispe surging around you. The rock here, serpentinite, is around 220 million years old. A natural spectacle, only 15 minutes from Zermatt.

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