It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

What an Honor

Today we are thankful for or gracious friend Aimee R. for honoring us with this astonishing award. It is not always easy to promote a cause that is dear to your heart. However this journey has been more then pleasant thanks to wonderful friends like Aimee whom we have met along the way. We share thoughts, ideas, stories, and moments that we want others to experience with us. I always knew it would at least change our lives but I never knew how it would affect others or if it even would be more then just a spot in  their day. I just thought hey a few moments to find a postcard, write on it and stamp it may be a big deal for most. Only now the WORLD and people like our wonderful postcrossing friends have proven that they want to take the time and effort and send us these wonderful postcards and items from around the world teaching us that along with each word is a piece of their heart because they care so very much. The world is an amazing place, and that is what you taught us just by being you. We wholeheartedly accept this award in honor of all of you wonderful people who have helped make this project a beating heart. Thank you.

With this award also come some "obligations" (which you need to follow too, if you accept the award:
1.) I need to link to the person who gave me this award ~ I have already done this.
2.) I have to let the person who gave me this blog award that I accept it ~ Aimee R, We gratefully accept :-)
3.) I have to post a Blog Love image in my blog post (see above)
4.) I have to pick 3-5 of my favourite blogs and pass the award to them; I also need to link to these blogs in my post (and then the blog owners should inform me that they have been tagged)

There's one rule about choosing your favourite blogs, and that is:

Dear Bloggers the aim of this award is that we bring unknown good blogs to light.
so I ask that you do not pass this award to fellow bloggers who have more than 3000 followers.

Anyway, I hope you all will accept this award, because you truly deserve it!  
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