It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

New York, New York!!!

Raven & William L. send us more love from the Big Apple, New York City. The first postcard is of the Statue of Liberty and she writes: Officially called Liberty Enlightening the World. It was a gift from France. 151 ft tall, and with pedestal and foundation 305ft. Can climb stairs to crown. Made Oct 28, 1886. Welcoming Immigrants visitors and returning Americans. Stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, and has the date July IV MDCCLXXVI in her left arm.

The Postcard facts state: New York - Statue of Liberty - Her face is more than 8ft tall (2.4m) and is made of copper 3/32in. thick (.24 cm).

The second postcard reads: Who was a Greek God who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals. The Prometheus Statue at New York's Rockefeller Center is surrounded by flags of the world. Prometheus was known for being intelligent . Its a complex of 19 buildings. 22 acres between 48th Street and 51st street (between 5th and 6th avenue). In 1987 this became a national landmark, it was named after John D. Rockefeller who leased it from Columbia University. Known for beautiful lights and a giant tree at Christmas and its great big ice rink. Many thanks again William and Raven L. We love the facts and postcards ;-)
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