It's Raining Postcards!

It's Raining Postcards!

An array of postcard

This was by far an interesting assortment of postcards we received at once from Brenda P in Florida, USA. The very first one I noticed was the postcard of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Our daughter is beginning to wonder about what is beyond earth. So this is a great postcard we will for sure be picking up a space book at the library this week. We love flowers too so the Dogwood was interesting and when we looked it up we discovered that it is our state flower. I knew what our state bird and other things where but interesting to find this out from a postcard swap. On March 15, 1941, the North Carolina Legislature approved the dogwood as the state's official flower. The two Egypt like postcards are actually from The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the Florida International Museum. We love Egypt and are so excited about these 2 postcards. The three coast postcards are of Costa Rica, Brazil, and Napoli,Italy we must get info on Napoli since this is our 3rd postcard from there. The cute church postcard is of the Cedar First Ward Chapel in Cedar City, Utah. The Winslow sign card is from Arizona. Yearly in late August visitors from all over the world travel to Winslow on to the Hopi Villages to witness the most spectacular religious rite in the world, the Hopi Snake Dance. This ceremony is a prayer for rain and is performed with live rattle snakes! A caravan sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce leaves Winslow on the morning of each dance. Anyone interested in traveling with this caravan (for which there is no charge) may write to the Chamber of Commerce, Winslow, Arizona and will be notified of the exact dates. This leads us into The Family of God postcard which shows it is wonderful to share knowledge and do spiritual things together. And finally the NOISE is actually a postcard of a painting by Ed Ruscha in the 1960's. This painting is oil on canvas, with the word NOISE in bold letter filling the width of the canvas against a dark background forms an arresting image which seems to appeal impossibly to one of senses that the painting cannot reach. We enjoyed every single one of these in different way thanks again Brenda P for sending us many teachable moments!

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  1. Brenda Perez Says:

    I'm so glad you liked the postcards :D

  2. We loved them all postcards that can teach us something are great! Thanks <<>>

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